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Doctors and paramedics of Global Med Guarantee have obtained large experience in escorting patients with different diagnoses and conditions from Russia to their home countries. We possess certified equipment such as stretchers (incl. vacuum), ECG monitor, DC defibrillator, infusion and injection supplies, intubation and ventilation equipment, traction splint etc. necessary for complicated evacuations.

Before the evacuation our doctor assures that the patient is able to withstand the stresses of the journey as it has been planned, and that the patient will not disturb the other passengers or the crew, or interfere with the flight safety. After that all necessary forms (MEDIF) are completed, transportation to the airport in Russia and from the airport at the destination point is arranged. At the same time we strive to save money of insurance company. The example of the expenses charter for evacuation St. Petersburg Melbourne (Australia) that happened in summer 2004 you may find here.

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