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Affiliated Hospitals:

North West Region is considered to be the most tourist visited area in Russia. Travel routes are often unpredictable you can never know where you will need urgent medical assistance. That's why our providers network covers the whole territory including remote areas to be sure that help is always available.

The process of affiliation includes following steps:

  • Visit to the hospital and initial assessment of the medical facility abilities.
  • Meeting with the chief doctor and its deputies responsible for commercial issues
  • Tuning up the system of information exchange in order for GMG to be able to produce immediate response to any medical case happened in the hospital
  • Seeking for a contact person that would be able to solve any problem in the hospital and would be available 24/7
  • Organization of the instant access to the best available equipment (e.g. possibility to call for the MRI technician any time), specialists and conditions of stay for the clients
  • Meeting with the local emergency services providers for future evacuation arrangements

This procedure results in evaluation of the medical environment in the region and hospital assignment according to our rating system. This ranking system has been created on the basis of the affiliation criteria developed by GMG team according to international standards in order to make the interaction between assistance companies and Russian medical facilities predictable and understandable.

Here you may find the example of hospital evaluation

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