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The Monastery of St. Michail Arkhangel was situated in the very center of the modern city. It has been wiped from the faces of earth years ago, but its title has given the name to the city which, actually started from monastery buildings. Henceforth, Arkhangelsk is some 600 years old. After the monastery it has been the fortress-city, then the city of warehouses, markets and formed as an administrative center. But from the beginning of its history it has been a holy place, accumulating traditions, wealth and power. According to the Church, Arkhangel Michail is the guardian angel of all believers in Christ. And who knows, probably that was the reason that Swedish troops had not reach the city during the Northern War in the beginning of the 18 th century and German troops during the II World War.


Places of interest

Culture of Arkhangelsk North is a wonderful and many-sided, with its unique inflexion, based on wide cultural wealth.
Places of interest and museums of Arkhangelsk:

  • Art Museum
  • Arkhangelsk History Museum
  • State Northern Marine Museum
  • Kenozesky National Park
  • Exhibitions and art galleries

The most ancient of wooden churches Nikolskaya Church (1581) in Lyavla, Nine headed Nikolskaya Church in Berezhnaya Dubrava (1678), grand churches of Dmitry Solunsky (1784) and Odigitrievskaya (1784) in Kimzha. Houses, granaries, mills, bridges. The kingdom of wood, solidity of beauty and usefulness.



The region is placed in three different climate zones: arctic, subarctic and moderate. Position close to the arctic seas and Arctic Ocean defines rough climate. The winter is cold, with temperature below 20 degrees, and strong winds.
Summer is also relatively cold, with average temperature in July 14-16 degrees. The weather is instable. Daytime is 3 hours 30 min (December 22) and up to 21 hour 40 min (June 22).




Arkhangelsk Region is situated on the north of European Russia. Its seaside is formed of White Sea, Barentsevo Sea and Karskoe sea. The ancient maps call this territory as The Dvina Earth. In 1708 due to the Peter the First directive it has been transformed to Arkhangelogorodskiy Province, then in 1796 Arkhangelsk Province, and at last in 1937 Arkhangelsk Region.
The region is 589.9 thousand of sq. km, including forests (39%), cultivated lands (1.3%), deer pasture areas (24.2%), islands (19%), the rest of it is occupied by rivers, lakes and marsch.

The Region consists of Nenets Autonomous district, 20 provinces, 13 cities, 38 towns, some 4000 villages. The total population is 1 mln. 565 thousand people, average density of population is 2.6 persons per sq. km. The majority of people settle along railroads and big rivers: North Dvina, Vaga, Pinega, Onega, Mezen.

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